In a world that spins faster and faster every day, there’s no greater luxury than slowing down to a pleasurable pace. Especially during the celebratory seasons when everyone’s hustling and bustling all over the place.

We do our best around here to slow things down a bit all in the honor of traditions.

Over the years we’ve come to know what we like best.  What brings back the best memories, what makes us the most comfortable, and what makes us the most grateful. My children say that Christmases past are among some of the happiest times of their lives.

I am grateful.

These memories start to stir in September. Welcoming the change of weather I tuck away the lighter linens and bring on the layers. Come November, fresh candles, fresh greens, and baskets of pine cones ease us into the traditions of Thanksgiving. The evenings come earlier now. The aroma of comfort foods come from the kitchen and a big roaring fire change the pace and encourage lingering.

I am grateful.

December is a time to celebrate and a time to shine. Glossy holiday issues of my favorite magazines have arrived and I’m drawn in by the cornucopia of beautiful decorating, joyous entertaining, and thoughtful gifts!  I have learned a great deal from the talented stylists, photographers & designers who every year, bring a fresh look to our treetops, tabletops, and time honored traditions. They inspire me to try new ideas, add my personal touch and make them my own.

I am grateful.

Like a good mother it’s my duty to decorate for the holidays and to graciously pass these traditions along, even if it kills me!

Despite the best of intentions I somehow manage to get caught up in that hustle & bustle that I spoke of earlier and preparations run amok.

The Drummer is way to loud. The Piper has a sore throat. The Lady is still out dancing.  The Maid has quit and the Geese are quite frankly just not in the mood. Thank goodness the Lord leaps in and reminds me that there’s always next year.

These are our traditions and yes, I am grateful.

I hope the start of the holiday season finds you hustling & bustling at a pleasurable pace!

Look for The Lisa Porter Collection annual directory of Holiday Gift Guides, coming soon!

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Karen Albert said...

Lisa I love your post. Yes I am definitely taker a slower pace and being more and more grateful for family and friends. Thank you!

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Henhurst Interiors said...

Hi Lisa,
Such wise words. I am looking forward to these holiday more than I have ever before - we don't really have much planned which might be why I feel so relaxed about it. Hope you enjoy yourself tremendously!
All best,

Jo said...

The stress of the season is starting to sneak in and I'm feeling the tension. Last year I made the effort to slow down and just enjoy the season. It was so worth it and we all enjoyed the beauty of the holiday season. I'm hoping for a repeat performance this year :)


Renae Moore said...

Great thoughts Miss Lisa...and so true.
I'm going to come up with a 'few of my favorite things' when I get back from seeing the grandbaby! xo Can't wait to see what your faves are!