Blogfest 2011, It's all in the wrist!

In case you didn't know, Blogfest 2011 was a huge hit!

Many of our favorite bloggers, designers, and friends traveled to the big apple for a whirlwind tour of the New York City interior design scene.
Some may have even hitched a ride from Brimfield!
The fabulous New York hostess and author of Nest, Tamara Matthews Stephenson kicked things off with A Walk In Central Park before Blogfest festivities began!

There were great educational events. I bet they took lot's of notes!
Editors-in-Chief from several of the top design and lifestyle magazines:
 Architectural Digest, ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Spaces, Town&Country, Traditional Home and VERANDA...
kept their promise and brought attendees the very best of interior design in New York City.

There were parties hosted by A-list designers.

Tours of the New York Design Center. 
Tours of the Kravet and Lee Jofa design studio, and so much more.

 They rubbed elbows with top editors,

design idols,
and friends from across the country.

They were inspired by each other & all that New York City had to offer!
Blogfest said that this three-day trip will leave you breathless.  I'm planning on it next year!
For now, I'll be checking in with a few friends who attended.
They are a fantastic group who are multi-talented & multi-tasking so I'm guaranteed to get the latest & greatest from them via twitter, facebook, and their fabulous blogs below!  I hope you'll visit them too! 




Hope y'all are having a ball!

all information via blogfest, all photos via tumblr unless noted


The enchanted home said...

Love this post....Lisa!! Great creative and such eye candy. I was definitely taking some serious notes as I was scrolling down, my poor little wrist was feeling a bit neglected after seeing all those decked out ones!! So great looking, so many fabulous and chic really captured the essence of both the city and the vibe of what I am sure will be a gathering of fashionistas, editors, and bloginistas looking their best! I am enjoying getting the reports (and pictures) and have to admit I am a wee bit jealous...but found out about it too late, being new to blogging. Though I couldnt' have gone anyway, had prior commitments...for sure next time around!! Great post (as usual)

Renae Moore said...

Ok...we start saving now right? What a blast these creatives are going to have. Love all the wrist baubles!
Don't you just know Tamara had all those that joined her on a fabulous trek around Central Park?
Fun times for sure.


The Zhush said...

What a fabulous round up of fashionable vignettes! Thanks for the lovely shout out! Whole post put a smile on my face.:) (see?)

Splenderosa said...

What a unique & creative way to present this, Lisa. I love it !!
Great post. Hope all is well with you. xx's

Renée Finberg said...

let me tell you......!
i will be there next year.
this looks like oooodles of fun.

Maria Killam said...

What a fabulous post, OMG and so many bracelets to run out and buy! I love your blog it has such a unique look! Thanks Lisa!

quintessence said...

Thanks for including me in your terrific round up. With all the tweeting at Blogfest it was most certainly all in the wrist - although I did spy quite a few fabulous bracelets. LOVE this clever, visually inspiring post!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love this and, yes... we are there next year!! So many cool images and what a charming way to shout-out an embracing event and some wonderful blogs!! oxo

Juju at Tales of said...

How fun! I hadn't heard.

5th and state said...

you lisa porter are so very talented, what a gorgeous post! but now i am back to wanting that orange hermes' leather wrap....divine.
let's make a pact for next year!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I wonder how you can out do yourself in the creativity dept. but yet you always do. 'In the wrists' is so very clever and all the pictures are perfect. I want to be the older woman with the well-worn hands with the Chanel bag; but I am the gal with the large gold watch and gold bracelets wishing I was facebooking and tweeting from Blogfest. It wasn't until today that I took the time to realize how much I wish I could of gone and with all you ladies.
Perfect x100 post Miss Lisa! xo xo

Lisa said...

I am pulling out all my bangles
and gathering all my bloggers
for a fabulous trip next year!
Sounds and looks like everyone
of them are having a wonderful time.
Thanks to BlogFest and hosts,
it appears to be an inspiring and
informative event for everyone involved!
xo Lisa

littleaugury said...

Such a full group of wrists too! who was your roving photographer that snapped all these wrists and blogfest? A colorful collection to be sure. pgt

Lisa said...

Hi little augury,
Thanks for stopping by.  As noted at the bottom of the post, all photos are via tumblr and were chosen by me for visual purposes only for my post. None of these "wrists" are actually from Blogfest 2011.  Hope to see you there next year!

Marcy said...

I adore bracelets - and your collection here has me over the top with happiness!! There were lots of colorful bangles at BlogFest too. I do hope you'll be there next year - it was beyond any expectation that I had.

And thank you so much for the mention - I was with very good company!

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

What a superb collection of pictures! A great post with lots of eye-candy. Glad I decided to stop here... Love from London xo

The Entertaining House said...

LOVE this post!!!! This eye candy is literally making my stomach growl! :)

Coty Farquhar said...

Oooooooooooooooh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! I love this post Lisa, I can't wait to show Bec when she gets home, you know she loves her bling & accessories.
Have a fabulous week,
xxxxx Coty

Linda Merrill said...

I'm late to the party but THANKS for including me in your roundup. I would have been SO MUCH FUN if you were there this year. Looking forward to next year!