Water Paper Paint


This weekend I spent some time exploring

Water Paper Paint.

It's a charming book written by artist

Heather Smith Jones.

click to order Water Paper Paint cover artwork by Heather Smith Jones

I actually came across her blog a while ago and got a sneak peek at the book while it was in the works.  I'm always looking for creative ways to play with paint and Water Paper Paint is full of wonderful ideas!

photo by Rachel Saldana for Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones

photo by Rachel Saldana for Water Paper Paint

It's written for all creative types, whether your background is mixed-media, textile art, journaling, or paper craft.  It's a grown-up book full of inspiration and each exercise is written and beautifully photographed entirely from the artist's perspective.

This botanical by the author is what caught my eye.  I love botanicals but I've never tried to paint one.  Until now!

artwork by Heather Smith Jones from Water Paper Paint

artwork by Heather Smith Jones

My garden is full of bulbs that gave quite a show earlier this spring and now have laid down to rest.  So I thought I'd give it a try.

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 003

photo Lisa Porter

I went to the back of the garden and pulled up an assortment

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 027

photo Lisa Porter

I'll admit that up until now, I had never really thought of bulbs & roots covered in dirt as being all that interesting.


Gracie's Garden Study 2 May 14, 2011

photo Lisa Porter

I started photographing them and suddenly Mother Nature had my full attention.  Here's one of many examples that I'll choose from to paint. 

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 025

photo Lisa Porter

In the mean time, If you're the creative type, and I know you are, stop by the blog Heather Smith Jones and say hello to the artist & author of Water Paper Paint.

click to visit Heather Smith Jones 

The other project in the garden this weekend was to create a place near the potting bench to clean up!

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 022 

photo Lisa Porter

We've had an old galvanized feed bin for years and Gracie has always loved it full of cool water for jumping into on  hot summer days. I used the water at the end of the day for cleaning up garden tools & muddy boots.

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 019

photo Lisa Porter

Gracie's not so fond of jumping in & out of it anymore and I'm not so fond of bending over and cleaning up anything at the end of the day so using old field stone that Collier & I gathered, we built a base to raise it up. We added a spigot & now we have a garden sink!

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 020

photo Lisa Porter

The Lisa Porter Collection May 14, 2011 023

photo Lisa Porter

She'll be sure and let you know when she gets a new pool.

Gracie's Garden Study 1 May 14, 2011

photo Lisa Porter

And I'll be sure and let you know how the botanical turns out!

School is out & it's officially summer, painting & blogging time!

I've missed you all,


Karena said...

Lisa this book sounds just wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing and I will visit her site!

Art by Karena

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Renée Finberg said...

man oh man....
you are really good with the camera.
these shots remind me of the old song by simon and garfunkel - 'Kodachrome'
the colors are beautiful.
...and of course the subject matter as well.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh poor Gracie! But what you built is gorgeous! Already! Wow!!

Can't wait to see your bulbs painted!

Renae Moore said...

Wowsers! I love your field stone base that you built and how clever! I can just see Gracie jumping in and out of the tub when she was a pup! Loving your completed project! I can't wait to see your botanicals. Do a series and make notecards out of them, I'll be first in line for a set or two!

Splendid Sass said...

Wow, Lisa! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see your painting. ANother great post.
Hope that your week is off to a great start.

Celine Henke said...

Wow so simple yet obscure! It's lovely!

Town and Country Mom said...

I am adding this book to my list--sounds wonderful! I love your outdoor sink, brilliantly well done. So glad you'll be posting more frequently--I always leave inspired!

Styling Down Under...Coty Farquhar said...

These shots are fabulous Lisa!!
and.....yes!! Mother Earth and Mother Nature is amazing,
I love the way you have photographed the bulbs and I can't wait to see how you paint them.
Thanks for introducing us to Heather, what a lovely book to have.

Happy holidays and happy blogging..my dear and gorgeous friend, I will talk with you soon.
xxxxx Coty
PS....don't forget to wish away tonight on the full moon... it's Wesak, one of the most sacred moons in the year. They say that a tiny little hole to heaven opens tonight and we can have a direct link to the heavens and all the holy beings....and you can wish for what ever you want. (A trip to Australia???) or me (A trip to the USA)

Mimi said...

Such a lovely sink you made there, wanna have it too!