Rainy Day Magic

The rain
 keeps on coming down
and I'm beginning to feel like
Mary Poppins
everytime I leave the house!
& bag
all in tow!

My absolute favorite boots in the whole wide world are these stylish super comfy black
 Kelly Rain Boots from Tretorn!
Great with jeans, wool trousers, skirts and of course my trench.
My boots and I would look fabulous stepping out in this gorgeous coat! Oh my gosh I love the whole look. The hair, the handbag, the shades....so classic.
If you know the source please let me know!
This one is not the least bit worried about the rain because Nautical is always in. Love the scarf too!
Love this soft blue grey trench paired with the rust  sweater and satin bow!
Art Of The Trench
I remember when I had wash & wear hair...Those were the days when it was "fun" to be under an umbrella!
Art Of the Trench
This city slicker appears ready to tackle anything on the streets of New York!
 Her trench & dog are pretty cute although
I've never really cared for clear umbrellas. They remind me of shower caps.

I'm old school.  I think umbrellas should be black.
Loving this Alexander McQueen!
I bet Kate likes it too...
This Burberry Double Regent is understated black on top & great for the MR.
And for all of my artistic gardener friends I offer this umbrella bordered with tulips from artist/photographer Harold Feinstein.
 I mentioned Mary Poppins earlier for a couple of reasons. Did you know that when I was five I used to tell everyone that she was my aunt? Yes indeedy!

I shared this with my Australian friend Coty Farquhar last night during a nice long visit via skype.   
photo courtesy Coty Farquhar
   She was showing me on Google Earth all around Bowral, the beautiful village in the Southern Highlands of New South Whales where she lives!  
photo courtesy Coty Farquhar
 I have always known that Bowral was magical. Coty's beautiful photographs and stories of life in the countryside that she and her family lead are graciously shared with all on her award winning blog, Styling by Coty Farquhar.

photo courtesy Coty Farquhar
She told me the most amazing story about a magical someone who once called the Southern Highlands home...I'll let Coty tell you the story, just click on Mary Poppins & fly away with her to Bowral!
I promise it will be


Renae Moore said...

You are just adorable! Fun post....I wish I still had wash and wear hair, those were indeed the days!

Splendid Sass said...

Love anything Tretorn, Lisa! These boots look great.
I hope all is well with you, and I want the recipe for the bread.
Have a nice evening.

Jessica said...

Just love this Lisa! I saw Tretorn (though not black) rain boots at Marshalls in Westport,CT if anyone happens to live near there!

The enchanted home said...

So Mary is YOUR aunt is she? I always thought she was MINE!!!! Lol....she was a stylish lady wasn't she! I too have a thing for rain gear, you arent' the only one love wellies and smart rain trenchcoats, if they fit really well. I also love my Burberry black rainhat its got a great fit and covers all my hair (very important) and do like black umbrellas too! I love that pic at that top that you like...she looks so chic!
If its going to pour...you might as well look great while trapsing through the rain.......rather than look like a soggy little pup! Nice post!

quintessence said...

I love all of your rainy day inspiration!! And I wish my hair were wash and wear like it used to be too!! I haven't visited Coty in a while - will have to pop on over. Stay dry!!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Fun post Lisa and we need all the rain gear we can get too. It has rained virtually every day since the 1st of Aoril and boy is this going to shorten our spring season.
Guess I should look more stylish though when running through the puddles. As always, a well-researched and delightful post. Much love XO

Jo said...

You are so darn cute! Such great photos ~ I could put some of these to good use as the rain is heading our way.

Hope the sun peeks out in your area soon ~

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN post!!!

Renée Finberg said...

this post is exquisite.


LLH Designs said...

How cute that you used to tell people she was your aunt! You're so much fun!


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love Poppins Part One here at LPC + Part Two at Coty F. Always a favorite of mine, too! Chim Chiminy!! oxo

Coty Farquhar (the Mum) said...

When you find out who designed that first coat please let me know, it's gorgeous and I want one. I may just have to have one made.

I just noticed above that my daughter has been over to you as well, you're so loved by the Farquhars down under!!

Thanks for the great mention here on this post Lisa, I was thrilled to read it this morning before running off to work.

I Loved our chat yesterday, you're a very special person and I'm so glad to have met you through blogging.

I will keep you posted about your Aunty, I mean, Mary....Mary Poppins. What a hoot to think that she was created here in my home town. Who'd a thought!!!

Good night, xxx Coty

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I love that umbrella!

for the love of a house said...

love your boots! must check them out. I've been trying to decide which color of Wellies to buy for two years (some decisions are soooo difficult, yes?!) cute story of "Aunt" MP!!


JMW said...

Love the flower garden umbrella and the Tretorn boots, but I am so OVER the rain! The sun is finally peeking out and I hope it's planning to stay around for a while. But, if there has to be rain, you've featured some wonderfully stylish things to wear in it!